About The Institute for Conscious Expansion

Tish Paquette and Scott Duvall have combined their knowledge, skills and teaching using an array of modalities to provide quality classes, and materials through their Institute with the united purpose of enhancing and expanding understanding regarding the global and personal shifts that are currently being experienced.

Their mission at the Institute for Conscious Expansion is to help guide the individual and social collective along their natural evolution of conscious expansion by providing these tools and information to navigate this transformation smoothly, joyfully and effectively.

By using classroom instruction, audio and video whether in person or via online access, they empower our students to flourish personally and to become supportive, positive guides for others experiencing their shifts in consciousness thereby allowing all to fulfill their spiritual mission as stewards of the earth.

tish prying photoTish Paquette has been doing intuitive work most of her life. She connects with energy fields, Angels, loved ones, chakras and has done consulting work as a medical intuitive and consulting work in the field of the Paranormal. She is a Licensed Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner where she addresses a myriad of human issues ranging from weight issues, energy blockages and making sense of past life experiences as well as specializing in Experiencer Hypnosis regarding paranormal experiences with Sasquatch, UFO and intities to name a few.

She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist with the Oregon Board of Massage Therapist and the NCBTMB Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Theta Practitioner an ordained minister and board member of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association. She has a Master’s in Metaphysical Sciences and is continuing to complete her doctorate.

Tish is Co-Founder of The Institute for Conscious Expansion. Tish believes in using multiple disciplines from all parts of the world to assist clients in attaining their highest best while integrating their body/mind/soul connection. In her work she utilizes her 27 years as an educator to synthesize and coalesce information to create an effective program, curriculum and practice that suits various learning styles for her clients.

Her teaching/instruction videos continue to be a life changing experience and inspiration for her audiences whether coast-to-coast or abroad. She is humbled and honored to serve others in their quest for their highest self.

Tish can be reached through her website http://www.emergencereadingsandreiki.com or by phone at 503 407-1239

scott for ice

Scott Duvall is a certified consulting Hypnotist, Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, Reiki Master and teacher and a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor; he is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists Inc. as well as past President, current Vice President and Fellow of the Oregon Hypnotherapy Association.

Scott integrates the transformational properties of hypnosis, NLP, energy psychology with the science of concentrated thought, to help his clients in changing their limiting beliefs, thoughts, and habits, empowering them to achieve their optimum potential mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Scott enjoys art, photography, music, philosophy as well as holds a level four Black Belt from The Professional Martial Arts Center in the Wu Ying Tao System.

Scott is an international speaker presenting on subjects ranging from optimum performance, creativity, hypnosis, meditation, spirituality and self- empowerment.

For more information on what Hypnosis, NLP and Meditation can do for you feel free to call Scott Duvall at 503 238–4428 or visit our website http://www.pdxhypnosis.com